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Top 10 scary short movies



Perished - Zombie Apocalypse

Cam Closer

Tne Moonlight Man

Gamer Over

The Jester

The Night Shift


Vicious - Award Winning Short

Audio Book: A Ghost Story by Mark Twain

Evil Ice Cream

Don't Play With Ghosts (A Short Horror Film)

Do You Believe In The Devil Short Film

Origin - Short Horror Film

Zom it Up!
Great addition to the undead.
Enjoy Folks.

ANGER OF THE DEAD ― Award Winning Zombie Short Film (2013) HD - sub eng

Our homes we choose, but what if Evil moved in first...

Award Winning Horror Movie :Vienna waits for you

The dead like to rest, it is not a choice, just an end of things privilege...
Interfering with that means treading on their graves, their memories, all they once were, always best to leave it that way...
Even if love speaks otherwise...

Birthday Boys (award-winning short horror film)

Dead end is a dead end.
But...sometimes take that sign, literally.
Also, if Spielberg wanted ideas on how to scare up his Gremlins, well watch the movie...

Turn Around When Possible (Short Horror Thriller)

Love binds, even in death. But you still have a choice.
Which way do you go.
Feign love for your lost one, or retain your mortality.
Hard one.
The right choice - seems insignificant.

Short Horror Film "We Always Come Back" - Scary Endings

Spooky offerings, don't forget the meat...

Monster In My Closet

Loss of a loved one is of course bad. But the dead need to stay dead, at rest, undisturbed.
No matter how much love exists.
Too many nasty spirits scratching at that door, so don't open it, let the dead rest.

They Wait (Horror Short Film)

Hell Hath No Fury...

This guy wishes he was a bit ermmm....nicer to his lady...

Cynthia -A short horror film HD

The phone rings, good, one way to survive but it won't save you...

NIGHT NIGHT NANCY - Short Horror Film

Answer the phone at your peril in this short shock.

''DON'T ANSWER'': A Short Horror Film (2014)

A short horror film in a new part of our house - the attic!

Attic Panic - Short horror film

I was recently invited by the Santa Barbara MINUTE Film Festival to create and submit a horror short that tells a story in 60 seconds or less.


Bloody Mary - Halloween Urban Legends

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THE EXPRESSIONLESS - Halloween Urban Legends